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Wholeness for Humanity (WFH) is a service and educational organization that promotes health, the environment, social justice, and peace through a wide range of educational and fun events, partners, and venues. WFH helps people who seek to make a difference connect with one another and with experts. It incubates innovative collaborations among stakeholders, ideas, programs, and services that contribute both to the individual and to humanity. Some of the paths taken include:

  • Raising awareness of the environment by discovering the links that connect health, watersheds, and estuaries
  • Conducting fun and educational EcoActive programs to enhance healthy lifestyles and support a sustainable ecosystem
  • Building working relationships through community and special interest circles

BUILDING NEW WEB SITE: As part of our end of year fundraising drive we're building/pruning/tightening our Web Site to give users easier access to our programs and collaborative efforts.

WFH conducts about 12 events a year in collaboration with among 20 or so key government, nonprofit, and corporate organizations committed to a similar mission - they include EcoTours, expo's, conferences and symposiums - these include many facets of projects we incubate including bike, coops, composting, zero waste initiatives, energy conservation, etc.

Some WFH EVENTS specific names/dates posted closer to event:

1) January 10-11, Saturday-Sunday: NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo - Green Pavilion

2) January 18, Monday: MLK Jr Day Anacostia EcoTour - collaborated with 3-4 service events

3) March: DC Environment FilmFest - St Columba venue

4) April: Earth Day events

5) May: Healing is Key

6) May: GreenFestDC 9 AM to 8 PM - 2 days - WFH booth - DC Convention Center

7) September: GreenLiving DC Expo (incl. Green Homes EcoTour)

8) September, Sunday: SuperH Handcycle Race, Tysons Corner Sport & Health

9) September: EDOW Bike Ride Gettysburg Meander Metric Century with the Bishop

10) September, Saturday: Sea Gull Century with EDOW Bishops Bike Team

11) October: EDOW DC Monument Bishops Bike Ride

12) November: OSL-DC Day of Healing


We have a new program that started in 2013, Green Practice Projects. which are small pods of people that come together that don't necessarily consider themselves environmentalists. They do "green" things and hold simplistic values is their life. They start a group together for other non-environmentalists to show that you don't have to be considered part of the green movement to save money, do good for the world, and teach others an environmental activity that you practice already.


Sign up on our Web site or call to be on a bike ride, volunteer for a green practice project, or just help out on an event here and there. We also accept donations for those interested in making a difference by supporting program budgets.


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