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Wholeness For Humanity
Welcome to Wholeness for Humanity

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WFH the Nonprofit

About Us

Wholeness for Humanity (WFH) is a service and educational organization that promotes health, the environment, social justice, and peace through a wide range of educational and fun events, partners, and venues. WFH helps people who seek to make a difference connect with one another and with experts. It incubates innovative collaborations among stakeholders, ideas, programs, and services that contribute both to the individual and to humanity. Some of the paths taken include:

- Raising awareness of the environment by discovering the links that connect health, watersheds, and estuaries

- Conducting fun and educational EcoActive programs to enhance healthy lifestyles and support a sustainable ecosystem

- Building working relationships through community and special interest circles

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Some 2014 DC Area Green Practice Project Partner Sites:

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See the Current WFH e-NEWSLETTER "Summer 2013 WFH newsletter"

Green Action/Events (go to WFH site for registration links if not supplied below):

(Links below for more info, registration, and volunteer opportunities):

1) January 10-11, 2015: NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo - Green Pavilion

2) January 19, 2015 (Holiday Monday): MLK Jr Day Anacostia EcoTour - collaborated with 2 service events

3) March:DC Environment FilmFest - St Columba venue

4) April: Earth Day events

5) May 18-21, 2015: Healing is Key

Fundraising Websites - Crowdrise

6) June 5-7, 2015: GreenFestDC 9 AM to 8 PM - 2 days - WFH booth - DC Convention Center

7) Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 12-7 PM GreenLiving DC Expo (incl. Green Homes EcoTour)
Eventbrite - WFH GreenLivingDC Expo Green Homes EcoTour

8) Sunday, September 20, 2015 at 7 am VOLUNTEER - SuperH Handcycle Race, Tysons Corner Sport & Health and, should you choose to... DONATE - to SuperH and support the NRH MedStar Handcycle Program

9) September: EDOW Bike Ride Gettysburg Meander Metric Century with the Bishop

10) Saturday, October 3, 2015: Sea Gull Century with EDOW Bishops Bike Team

11) October: EDOW DC Monument Bishops Bike Ride

12) November: OSL-DC Day of Healing with Nigel Mumford

click PHOTO to see Climate Action Bike Tour Pictures
Climate Action Bike Tour Photos

NBC4 Health and Fitness Expo - Going Green Pavilion January

Going Green Exhibitor

Highlighted activity: Local Watershed EcoTours are being conducted to promote enduring, daily environmental cooperation and awareness, and to inspire conscious lifestyles motivated by an understanding of the link between health and the environment, thereby creating a culture of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and life upon it.

Fundraising Websites - Crowdrise

Wholeness for Humanity (WFH), started in 1991, has recruited corporate and government membership groups into its organization to give them the opportunity to enjoy support in their quest for health and wellness. Members receive benefits such as discount groupons, VIP invitations, newsletters, lists and access to WFH stakeholders, regular EcoActive programs, lectures, and symposiums, all sourced in lifestyle-shifting knowledge and experience.

Greg Drury, director of WFH, hosted the radio program entitled "Wholeness for Humanity," an hour-long call-in talk show with such prestigious guests as Larry Dossey, Joan Borysenko, Caroline Myss, and Richard Barrett. The radio show included authors, movie celebrities, and expert guests who focused on their personal experiences around holistic health, personal and spiritual growth, and ethics. Greg is currently a Lay Minister for hands-on-healing at The International Order of St. Lukes of the Physician and previously for St. Columba's Church in Washington, DC. He is a founder of the local Chesapeake Bioneers. Greg is also Chair-Elect of the Potomac Pedalers Touring Club, a 3,200-member-strong local bike club.

WFH's 1991 Founding Mission

WFH grew out of a deep concern that the average person couldn't readily acquire reliable information about and/or access to effective, holistic health care services. As a result, a large number of people who sought medical care were left battling chronic illnesses since they were only partially treated.

The original mission of WFH was to seek out promising alternative medical treatments, to identify synergies with conventional medicine, to evaluate the protocols and outcomes of these treatments and to make the best of these practices accessible to the general public. This truly comprehensive approach to wellness underscored the links between the mind, body and spirit, which collectively facilitate the healing process.

Wholeness for Humanity's current mission is to provide uplifting, practical, and value-enhancing knowledge regarding health, environmental stewardship, social justice, and peace. The organization is dedicated to bringing together corporate, government, faith-based and other community groups to promote common goals, create strategic partnerships, and serve as a learning portal through conferences, fairs, lectures, media, service events, and celebrations.
WFH Wholeness - grant and donation nonprofit vehicle
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Founding Members

"WFH encourages and inspires as many people as possible to increase their Holistic Medical Health, Wellness and Spirituality (sense of self); however, since each individuals medical history is unique, all the techniques, lectures, classes and services espoused by our organization and on this web site should be taken with the consultation and advice of their healthcare provider."

Greg Drury - Director/Founder 1991

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